Here are my websites about Prosecutorial Abuse and other criminal-law related matters:

  1. Website for Law Practice of Carl E. Person

  2. Jury Nullification Website; the One Rule of Law No Judge Ever Tells the Jury about; but Enables a Jury to Decide a Case According to What is Right

  3. Plea Bargaining: an Unconstitutional Delegation of Judicial Power to the Executive Branch of Government; a Free-Market Solution to Unconstitutional Plea-Bargaining

  4. Forfeiture - Prosecutorial Abuse under State and Federal Forfeiture Laws and What to Do If You Are a Victim of Prosecutor's Forfeiture Abuse

  5. Judicial Abuse Directed against a Criminal Defendant - What to Do When There Is Overpowering Judicial Abuse

  6. Complaint Alleging Prosecutorial Abuse by District Attorney of Suffolk County New York and Requesting Declaratory Judgment of Invalidity of New York Forfeiture Statute, CPLR Sections 1310-1352

  7. Prosecutorial Misconduct and Prosecutorial Website - with Opposing Techniques - older than the related "criminal" website

  8. Criminal Prosecution Reform Website: A List of the Worst Abuses Being Committed by Federal Prosecutors and in Federal Prosecutions - with Suggested Remedies

  9. John F. Kennedy & Marilyn Monroe Papers - Information on the Controversy and Litigation Concerning the Files of JFK's Secret Advisor, Attorney Lawrence X. Cusack

  10. Website for Professional License Revocation and Suspension, and Disciplinary Proceedings

  11. Intervention Proceedings by Attorney Carl E. Person before Federal Communications Commission to Stop FCC Efforts to Take the Howard Stern Show Off the Air

  12. Also, see the links near the end of the lefthand sidebar for links to my Press Releases, 6 Self-Help Pamphlets, and 19 Losers Magazine articles
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