Here are additional websites of interest to small business, in no particular order:

  1. Problem Solving Website - 2-Hour Consultation with High-IQ Inventive Business Consultant - 2nd Opinion Resource for Your #1 Business Problem

  2. Website for Lawsuit by Dillons Restaurant Employee Martin Hyde against Kitchen Nightmares and Chef Gordon Ramsay - and Intermediate Arbitration

  3. - to become Website for Helping Consumers Avoid Payment of Late Fees and Other Charges for Not Performing Some Act on a Timely Basis

  4. Theatrical Show [and Road Show] to Promote My Concept of Town Attorney General - "Town Attorney General Meeting" with flyers and pictures

  5. Website for Professional License Revocation and Suspension Disciplinary Proceedings

  6. - TAKES A MINUTE TO LOAD (BUT COULD REMAKE YOUR ECONOMIC LIFE) - [I'm trying to fix the long- loading problem, which probably relates to the ZIP Code 50-mile radius search feature] FREE classified advertising website to advertise "tasks", to enable anyone to redefine oneself from an economic standpoint - an alternative to being an employee for the rest of your life

  7. - earlier version Rebate Center Website to Enable Consumers to Recover Substantial Damages for Wilful Non-Payment of Promised Rebate

  8. - later version Website showing consumers how to obtain promised rebates, which for me is important because it is the programming center for my own Google type of ads you see on some of my professionally-programmed websites

  9. 8 FREE websites to create email lists NON-WORKABLE AT THIS TIME - at least 8 FREE websites already developed (but for the professional programming required to make the websites interactive) - useful for creating permissive or "opt in" email lists for use in finding, selecting, marketing and electing independent candidates without the need to raise any significant amount of campaign funding