Here are 6 self-help pamphlets and an unfinished book I wrote and published on lawmall years ago, dealing with legal, economic, business and political problems.

  1. Fired, Laid Off or Demoted? Your Legal Rights and Options Fired Pamphlet

  2. How to Make $1,000,000 as a Whistleblower (under the United States False Claims Act) Whistleblowing Pamphlet

  3. Reinventing NYC -- 1,000,000 New Jobs - How You Can Make NYC # 1 Again -- More than 30 Novel Ideas for Creating New Jobs in Your City and How to Reinvent and Save Your City from Economic & Political Disaster 1,000,000 New Jobs Pamphlet

  4. How to Demand More Money -- AND GET IT! (A How-to-Succeed Manual for Employees of Small Business) Demand More Money Pamphlet

  5. How to Develop and Market Your Creativity (A Self-Improvement Manual on Creativity) - How to become creative or increase your creativity; how to focus on the things you want to accomplish; how to sell and profit from your creativity Creativity Pamphlet

  6. All You Should Know to Start a New Business in NYC - A Guide to Licensing and 30 Other Start-Up Hassles - A self-help manual for persons wanting to start a new business in New York City, including licensing and other regulatory requirements, as well as practical hints to save money and help your business survive and grow Start New Business Pamphlet
Carl E. Person, Editor, LawMall,
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