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Here is a list of my websites of interest to potential candidates for office; my own websites as candidate for NYC Mayor 2013, anyone interested in elections or enacting statutes needed for voters, residents, homeowners, employees and/or small businesspersons; and for anyone interested in having the rights of such groups enforced, at public expense, by a newly created governmental official I call the "NYC Attorney General" or the "Town [City/Village/County] Attorney General":

  1. Carl Person, Reform Party Nominee for NYC Mayor 2013; and Petitions (Ballot Initiatives) for NYC Voters to Enact into NYC Laws when the NYC Council Fails to Provide Relief - under construction ; and Website for Comparison of Issues for All Candidates for NYC Mayor 2013

  2. Website for Creating Prosperity in Any Town or Village, including 1-Year Broad-Based Information Technology Program for High School Seniors and for Resident Adults to Qualify them for $25 to $60 per Hour Jobs without Licensing Anywhere in the US, together with other Election Issues for Mayoral/Council Elections in Towns and Villages"

  3. "Top 10" List of the 13 Most-Needed Changes in the U.S. - Can You Guess Any of Them?

  4. NYC Ballot Initiatives Website - containing 38 or more petitions for NYC voters to sign and turn into NYC statutes - including a Petition (no. 34) to condemn (through eminent domain) the real property of homeowners with under-water mortgages, for refinancing with the homeowners at the lower present value, at the current market rate of interest, to enable homeowners with non-affordable, under-water mortgages to be able to remain in and continue to own their homes in NYC - if the NYC Council and its present members wanted NYC homeowners to have this opportunity they could have enacted such a statute without any petition or vote of NYC voters

  5. A MOST IMPORTANT Website for anyone interested in politics; here is how Google is using its monopoly in search advertising to stop independent candidates (such as myself) from running for public office; also, Google is monopolizing the newly-recognized market for monetization of traffic for social networking websites and later, no doubt, for all websites

  6. Summary of My Show No. 01 - Illegal to Advocate Political Change in NYS

  7. One of my first political websites - with many useful political ideas for anyone wanting to run for local or statewide office anywhere in the U.S.

  8. Town Attorney General Website - a most important and needed political development in the U.S., waiting to happen; the idea which has led me to create and seek the public office of NYC Attorney General

  9. Theatrical Show [and Road Show] to Promote My Concept of Town Attorney General - "Town Attorney General Meeting" with flyers and pictures

  10. article for NJ Mayors' Conference My Town Attorney General Article Written for and Published by the NJ Conference of Mayors

  11. seal for town attorney general Seal for Town Attorney General

  12. - earlier version Website in Support of Carl Person's Candidacy for New York Attorney General - Green Party 2006

  13. A Presidential Candidate's Self-Interview on Job Shortages - an Electronic Book in 3 Parts by Carl E. Person. To see a one-page letter by the author describing the book to his literary agent, click on Letter Describing Book. This book has the author, an antitrust attorney and economist, interview himself, asking the tough economic questions which need to be asked about the economy, and proving answers which will surprise most readers, including economists, educators, statesmen and voters. The author promises you a trip through new idea terrain, to help you understand how the U.S. economy and the nation's standard of living can be improved substantially, by eliminating the crippling restraints which have piled up over the years. Job shortages refers not only to the unemployeds, but to the millions of underemployed persons. To see the chapter headings and appendix list, click on Chapter Headings & Appendix List. For Part I of book, click on Self-Interview Book, Part I; for Part II of book, click on Self-Interview Book, Part II; and for Part III of book, click on Self-Interview Book, Part III.

  14. Also, see my Press Releases, 6 Self-Help Pamphlets, and 19 Losers Magazine articles

Carl E. Person, Editor, LawMall,
For the c.v. (resume) of Attorney Carl E. Person, click on Carl Person C.V.

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