Here are additional websites of interest to attorneys and small law firms, in no particular order:

  1. FREE classified advertising website for ATTORNEYS to advertise the legal "tasks" they would like to perform for clients, to enable prospective clients to find an attorney do do a specific type of task for them - with a 50-mile ZIP Code radius search capability

  2. Website for Law Practice of Carl E. Person

  3. - TAKES A MINUTE TO LOAD (BUT COULD REMAKE YOUR ECONOMIC LIFE) - [I'm trying to fix the long- loading problem] FREE classified advertising website to advertise "tasks", to enable anyone to redefine oneself from an economic standpoint - an alternative to being an employee for the rest of your life

  4. of a Civil Complaint: the Highest Leverage Obtainable in a Lawsuit

  5. Legal Actions for the Tortious or Other Destruction of Business - A Checklist for Litigators

  6. Website for Lawsuit by Dillons Restaurant Employee Martin Hyde against Kitchen Nightmares and Chef Gordon Ramsay - and Intermediate Arbitration

  7. Judicial Abuse Directed against a Criminal Defendant - What to Do When There Is Overpowering Judicial Abuse

  8. Financing of Litigation by Selling Shares in Lawsuits

  9. Expert Witnesses on Contingency

  10. Federal Rules of Civil Procedure - Proposed Discovery Rules for "Negotiated Facts", E-Mail, Record Retention, and Spoliation of Evidence

  11. Website for Professional License Revocation and Suspension Disciplinary Proceedings

  12. The Virtual Law Firm Described

  13. Attys (1-3 Yrs' Exp.) Wanted as Litigating Case Partners

  14. National Law Firm - Contingent Fee - Types of Cases Sought

  15. A LAW CAREER IS THE SMART WAY - To Avoid the Evil Economic Trio of Outsourcing, Globalization and Declining Standard of Living, by Carl E. Person. See description at A Law Career Is the Smart Way ....

  16. - earlier version Rebate Center Website to Enable Consumers to Recover Substantial Damages for Wilful Non-Payment of Promised Rebate

  17. - later version Website showing consumers how to obtain promised rebates, which for me is important because it is the programming center for my own Google type of ads you see on some of my professionally-programmed websites

  18. NYC Pet Law - Having a Dog under a No-Pet Lease - Eviction Proceedings and Strategy - Section 27-2009.1 of the NYC Administrative

  19. Internet Lists for Legal Industry

  20. the National Private Court for Resolving Disputes

  21. Editorials on (i) Tort Reform; (ii) Solving Japanese Trade Problem; (iii) Eliminating Notary Publics; and (iv) Eliminating Letters Rogatory and Commissions Links to Law-Related Resources for Your Exploration:

  22. Also, see the links near the bottom of the lefthand sidebar for links to my Press Releases, 6 Self-Help Pamphlets, and 19 Losers Magazine articles.
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