Here is a list of my other politically-oriented websites:

  1. Website against Congestion Pricing in NYC

  2. Jury Nullification Website; the One Rule of Law No Judge Ever Tells the Jury about; but Enables a Jury to Decide a Case According to What is Right

  3. How the Constitutionally-Guaranteed Jury System Is Being Threatened with Irrelevance and Destruction by the Ever-Increasing Concentration of the Economy

  4. How State and Local Governments Are Giving Away $ Billions to Major Corporations as False and Misleading "Job Development" Programs

  5. How to Stop Wal-Mart, Other Superstores, and Globalization

  6. Pro and Con Arguments for Use in Wal-Mart Expansion Battles; and Fighting Globalization

  7. Proposed Prosperity-Poverty Index to Follow Economic Changes Affecting the Vast Majority of Americans

  8. Doomsday Notice! - Analysis and Forecast for Retailing Business; Major Chain Retailers Cannot Compete against Wal-Mart and Are Doomed

  9. FREE classified advertising website for ATTORNEYS to advertise the legal "tasks" they would like to perform for clients, to enable prospective clients to find an attorney do do a specific type of task for them - with a 50-mile ZIP Code radius search capability - a way to find an attorney knowledgeable about political campaigns and campaign financing laws

  10. Growtown Website: How To Grow Your Town or Village By Providing Low-Dollar Financing and Litigation Center Assistance to Merchants Injured by Wal-Mart, Home Depot and/or other Major Retailers

  11. Website in Support of Carl Person's Lawsuit to Legalize Gambling in New York State

  12. How Cities and States Can Cure Their Budget Deficits - 1,000 Times the Value of the Tobacco Litigation

  13. Inadvertent Waste - Government Waste Commission - Citizen Proposals to Make Local Government More Efficient - NYC's Yellow-Cab Follies - $ 1/4 Billion Annual Loss for NYC

  14. Intervention Proceedings by Attorney Carl E. Person before Federal Communications Commission to Stop FCC Efforts to Take the Howard Stern Show Off the Air

  15. My First Website on Globalization: Eco-Political Website in Opposition to Ever-Increasing Concentration of the U.S. and Worldwide Economies

  16. Application of Robinson-Patman Act to Farmers and Farming Industry

  17. Enron Significance; Self-Regulate and Enron Economics - A Recipe for Massive Theft - Issues and Answers to Make Business and Capitalism More Competitive

  18. Don't Cry for Arthur Andersen - Millions of Americans Lost Their Savings and/or Jobs during AA's Auditing Leadership"

  19. Fight Monopolists, Politicians and Globalization by DROPPING OUT - a Self-Help Strategy to Increase Your Standard of Living and Quality of Life - DROPPING OUT to Grass-Roots DROPOUT COMMUNITIES - no new laws or federal/state government approvals needed

  20. Insight to What Will Happen If Level Playing Field Cannot Be Recreated

  21. Also, see below for my Press Releases, 6 Self-Help Pamphlets, and 19 Losers Magazine articles

Carl E. Person, Editor, LawMall,
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