ONE Town in NYS Wanted for $$$ Financial Makeover of the Town's Residents, Employees, Homeowners and Small Businesses

If you have look at various other parts of this website, you will see that I (Carl E. Person, an attorney and creator of lawmall and its 100+ websites) am interested in taking back the United States by its voters, residents, employees, homeowners and small business owners.

The overall problem is simple to understand. The wealth generated by the major corporations has provided a huge amount of money available to pay off many of the nation's legislators and other elected officials. The major media is owned or controlled by these interests and can be expected to deny their audience the information they need to reform the system. And most persons in the U.S. probably do not understand this media problem. Instead, they enjoy the talking heads, sports events and false and misleading reality shows and campaign debates, not realizing that there is information not being given to them which is vital to protect and reform the American democracy and American way of life.

Reform at the top is less likely to occur than reform starting at the bottom, i.e., the "grass roots level". Whereas it's easy to buy off most of the 100 U.S. Senators and 435 members of the House of Representatives, 50 governors, 50 state attorneys general (a total of 635 officials), it would be far more difficult to buy off most members of a 40,000 army of "town attorneys general".

There are sufficient laws on the books right now to protect individuals from losing their standard of living and safety net, if we can only find someone in government to do the job of government. If you want to see how the reverse side of the coin is working, look at the offices of the 3,034 county prosecutors. There you see excessive, abusive enforcement of law, but one directed to the enforcement of the DUTIES of individuals.

What the nation needs as a replacement for 50% of that enforcement activity is a properly aggressive enforcement of the RIGHTS of the same individuals. This is what the "town attorneys general" would do. All we need to do is get one city, town or village in the U.S. to create the position of the first "town attorney general", and a snowball or grass-roots effect will start, ending up with at least one town attorney general in each of the 40,000 political subdivisions in the U.S.

To try to start reform at the grass roots level, I am working on a few projects, all of which are needed, as I see the problem, to obtain the needed reform.

Here is a list of these projects I have developed:

  1. Concept of the town attorney general, to decentralize the awsome power of the elected state attorney general (or the appointive power of the non-elected state attorney general), and bring this power down to the lowest or lower level(s) of government. The purpose is to have a governmental official with the duty and resources to enforce national and state laws not now being enforced

  2. Use of opt-in Internet email mailing lists as an equivalent and counterpoint to the major media (and equivalent to the highly successful "editors" during the Progressive reform era, who delivered the needed information to farmers throughout the U.S. by local public discussions led by the traveling "editors"). As I see it, a list of 1,000,000 persons willing to receive progressive email is the equivalent of the New York Times with its 1,000,000 or more daily readers. In other words, in any town, village, city, county or state an opt-in mailing list can be used to compete with the main or major media in delivering needed information to the public, and to alert the public to where they are being sold down the river, politically, by their elected (i.e., bought off) "representatives".

  3. A new way of obtaining the employment needed in the U.S. to maintain our standard of living and the social support system that is gradually being taken away from us. Rather than having to work for $8.50/hour for Wal-Mart (a maximum of 28 paid hours per week) or Home Depot or other low-paying job in the U.S., my new website will enable you and anyone else in the U.S. to place - FOR FREE and FOREVER (or until removal is needed) - hundreds of ads about the "tasks" you would like to perform for money, with a fast means of entering these ads, and a ZIP Code radius search (up to 50 miles) to enable persons seeking a specific type of task to be able to locate the persons offering such tasks. Remember, there are probably 1,000,000 different tasks that could be placed on the website without substantial duplication (not even considering the geographic differences involved). For example, you could place 200 ads for FREE on the website and one of them might be to replace any lights in any automobile. There is a difficulty when it comes to certain lights, for which automobile dealers are quoting perhaps $150 just to replace a single bulb in the dashboard (of a 1997 Isuzu, to be specific). And you might add that you would be willing to assemble any furniture purchased at IKEA (most of which needs assembling and as anyone knows who has purchased a desk at IKEA can be quite complicated, time-consuming and frustrating). I would gladly pay someone $50 to $75 to assemble some of the furniture my wife has purchased at IKEA. Earning $75 for 2-3 hours of work is a lot better than $25.50 at Wal-Mart (before deduction of payroll taxes).

    If somebody in a town wants to get residents to start using to help the residents make additional income, the person who does this will undoubtedly be in the position of an old-time political "ward healer" (or even a 1930's "godfather" in NYC) and be able to get such persons to vote for reforms that are needed locally. If turns out to deliver the added money to a community which puts myclads to work, the effect will spill over into adjoining towns and villages, and create a demand for similar activities and reforms, which should spread, until the electorate has sufficiently well informed and well fed to be able to turn their attention to reforms needed at the state and federal level. Anyway, that is what I'm hoping. If you have any better suggestions, please let me know.

  4. NYS allows the voters in a town to enact local legislation through what is known as a "ballot initiative". See my website for 29 examples of ballot initiatives I have created for NYC, including an initiative to create the office of the NYC Attorney General. My Website for Ballot Initiatives. Also, please look at my website for anyone wanting to run for local office. Election Issues for Local Elections

  5. I am creating a series of websites where I'm going to be giving away the value of the website to users in exchange for the right to send email to them. If you, I and others can put together "opt-in" email lists of millions of Americans, we should be well under way towards the needed political reform. It is all about information. You need the right type of information to protect your interest in the U.S. Without such information, you can already see how you are losing your political rights, standard of living, job security, health care, pension rights, weekly earnings amount, and other things of value to you and your family. Here is a quick test about the quality of information you have been receiving: Answer "Yes" or "No" - When the economy goes up, it is a sign that things may get better for the average resident of your town.

    Don't read this until you have answered the question. The answer is untrue much of the time. When the economy goes up (as reported by the major media) it probably is a sign that corporate profits and stock prices have gone up, through transfer of more jobs to other countries, which makes the rich richer while your town loses jobs and tax revenues, employees get lower hourly rates, property values decrease, and there is a substantial increase in real estate foreclosures and credit card late fees. We can reverse this process through greater enforcement of the laws protecting homeowners, employees, voters, residents and small businesses.

ONE Town Wanted in NYS for the Above Financial Makeover

I am looking to work with one or more newspapers, radio stations, citizens, residents, employees, homeowners and business owners in one town somewhere in a depressed part of NYS (Catskills, Buffalo area, or other depressed area [of which there are too many]) for the purpose of testing and my belief that reform can and should start at the local level.

Specifically, I would like to have the selected town have a population between 4,000 and 10,000; that the town and surrounding area is depressed economically; that there is nothing on the horizon for the town to pull it out of its economically depressed state; and that the town demonstrates to me through a sufficient number of volunteers that the town is ready and willing to have a financial makeover. Although it would be nice to have a town official make the call, I can understand how a town official might be reluctant to admit that the town needs help.

I would be happy to go to your town to meet with interested persons about how we, working together, can increase the income to many of your residents and obtain needed reforms for your town. I'm not looking for any money or legal business from your town. This is strictly a pro bono effort on my part.

If you would like to discuss your town with me, please call me at 212-307-4444 or email me at I look forward to hearing from you.

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