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While coming up with a workable solution to the problem of independent retailers in the United States, who are being driven out of business by the nation's failure to enforce its antitrust laws against major corporations, the author (Carl E. Person, an antitrust and civil rights attorney, Harvard Law School graduate, and creator of the paralegal field) developed a new concept for law enforcement in the United States, a position which he names a "Town Attorney General".

The Town Attorney General, which Person states all of the 18,000 towns and villages in the United States should appoint, will be the new prosecutor for the area, and charged with the duty of reviewing the relationships of the town or villages with major corporations operating in the area, and bringing civil lawsuits when necessary to enforce the rights of the town and its residents, and using the considerable proceeds of such civil litigation to provide FREE healthcare, FREE dental care, FREE prescription drugs, FREE broadband services, IMPROVED schools, REDUCED real estate and other local taxes, and other services and benefits to all members of the town or village.

Attorney Carl Person even shows the reader how the reader can effectuate these changes in the reader's own town or village, and ensure that the reader is able to obtain these available benefits. The reader is encouraged to distribute SAVING MAIN STREET AND ITS RETAILERS throughout the reader's community and directed to Person's book distribution website, at

By developing a plan for saving Main Street and its independent retailers, the author simultaneously developed a way to put the brakes on globalization and outsourcing for the town, reduce prosecutorial abuse (and its outrageously high costs for everyone involved, especially the town residents and the too-numerous victims of prosecutorial abuse), and increase the standard of living for all residents of the town. (Actually, the standard of living for the wealthiest persons in town, such as the executives of the major chain stores, would probably be reduced to some extent, as would the value of the corporations they represent.)

Person describes the causes of globalization and outsourcing, and resulting decline in your standard of living, and how YOU and YOUR TOWN can fight what Person call's the "Evil Economic Trio of Outsourcing, Globalization and Declining Standard of Living".

This book is essential reading for every retailer in your town trying to compete with the major retailers already in town, or making plans to come to your town, such as Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, BJ's, Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond, Barnes & Noble, Borders, Rite Aid, Target and others which put the smaller

Independent retailers out of business, and injure the town, the remaining businesses, the tax base, and drive wages and employment and business opportunities down, and pretty destroy much of the town. There are things which can be done by the people in such a town to make the town inhospitable to these corporations, and encourage them to take their evil business practices elsewhere. This book should be read by everyone in your town.

This is the one book you must read, if you want to stop the present decline in your standard of living. You are working harder, longer hours, for less money, and there is something which YOU CAN DO to stop this destruction of your lifestyle and personal economy. SAVING MAIN STREET AND ITS RETAILERS explains exactly what you can do, and best of all provides you with the information that you have not been getting, to enable you to understand what forces are working against you and your community, and what you can do to stop these forces of the "Evil Economic Trio", to bring back the better economic times for you and your community, even if other communities adopt a wait- and-see approach. Person's plan works for a single community, the smaller the better, actually. The plan is of little use to a major city. The larger the political entity, the more likely it is to having fallen under the control of the major corporations, which renders the government unable to protect the human beings living in that area.

The author points out the error, shortsightedness and lack of legal and business sophistication of towns and villages, which rely too much upon parking tickets, marijuana smokers, speed traps, vehicle inspections and other nuisance revenue sources to finance the local government, as well as the sales taxes from major retailers that are imposing other major, unwanted costs on the town or village. Instead of relying upon nuisance prosecutions against human beings to raise revenues for the town, the town should convert to civil prosecutions for money against major wrongdoing corporations as a way to fund the local government, and have sufficient funds to provide each resident of the town the governmental services which probably would have been provided to them but for the wrongdoing of the major corporations.

You have to read the book to understand the whole picture. In fact, to get a good picture of what the book is about you should read the chapter headings for the book's 30 chapters (set forth at the end of this page). In addition, there are 8 appendixes, the most important one of is Appendix C, which provides the author's recommended "Representations and Warranties Which a Community Should Require a Major Retailer to Sign as a Condition to Obtaining Requested Approval(s)" before granting any requested authorization to make use of land in the town or village.

The book is a 248-page trade paperback, selling for $19.95 plus shipping (and sales tax as to New York residents only). The book is in stock and ordinarily is shipped within 24 hours of receipt of the order.

You can create substantial beneficial change for your life and the lives of your family and community residents. You CAN fight back against the economic oppression occurring by reason of the nation's continuing failure to enforce its antitrust laws against the largest companies in the world. We don't have to become a third-world country, and you can begin taking back the country, town by town, by buying a copy of the book, reading the book, and then disseminating your new knowledge in your own community, and help to obtain appointment of someone who can function for you and the other residents as "TOWN ATTORNEY GENERAL" to watch over your rights as an individual and bring appropriate civil lawsuits for monetary and injunctive relief against non-human corporations which are so eager to take your rights away. The author, attorney Carl E. Person (325 W. 45th St., NYC) is ready to meet with representatives of your community to discuss implementation of his plan. His email address is

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